2016 | JP Perspektiven, Superscape - Future Urban Living

The Superscape 2016 title Future Urban Living – Functional Reduction with Maximum Space Gain opens a field for visionary design suggestions and space concepts which focus on building the urban residential space of the future. Innovative solutions are sought, combining high-quality residences with great space efficiency and the greatest functional flexibility possible. In this context, the changing needs and requirements of urban dwellers for their residences during the next 50 years shall be taken into consideration. The goal is to formulate forward-thinking concepts, to question familiar residential patterns and to risk experiments in design, but also to consider their feasibility, and to check the possibility of realizing them within existing building substance and existing urban structures. Furthermore, the subject is highly relevant with regard to increasing mobility and urban traffic flow within the context of urban planning.

FANTASTIC OFFENSE was shortlisted for the proposal 'Infrastructural Infill':

In the context of redensification, “Infrastructural Infill” considers the unused potential of urban infrastructure as a future possibility of developing new forms of usage and residential spaces. This is accomplished through multifunctional architectures that seem utopian and can be used symbiotically within the existing urban space, influencing urban texture and forms of cohabitation.