PROGRAM: Rock Art Center Addition

SITE: Hedgpeth Hills Petroglyph Site

CONTEXT: Deer Valley, AZ, USA

What do we do with this sacred place of memories?

Sustained ambiguity as a weapon against the pursuit of facts.

Two responses: A. REFLECTION (museum) or B. CONTINUATION (practice + addition).

REFLECTION: The current program and its stagnancy has left the site forgotten. A typical static museum on a living site.

CONTINUATION: The site and addition must constantly change through the participation of people.

CITY: Figures scratched into the surface—illustrated zeitgeist. The Rock Art site is an uncertain quarantined zone within the city.

INITIAL REACTION: Emphasize the layered nature of the site by adding program directly onto the existing design. A conceptual superimposition of programmatic space on existing functions.

INSTEAD: Grow the addition directly from the symbols and demands of the site. Make it a community of experiences instead of a consolidation of spaces.

Draw form out of a reading of the existing site elements. Offer alternatives instead of answers. Emphasize inherent ambiguities. Uncertainty is essential.

EXTERIOR PATH: A path without rules that responds to the building envelope.

GALLERY PATH: The primary interior path facing out into the site.

EVENT PATH: Both indoor and outdoor linking site and built space.

Continuation frozen—silently real—static but confrontational.

A center that collects and grows from the stories of others.

INSTANT MARK: Make your mark on any surface of the outer path

TEMPORARY MARK: Rotating art galleries and installations

PERMANENT MARK: Screen panels designed and crafted individually and added over time.

The existence of art without authors is a spectacle at odds with the contemporary world. Wandering without facts.

A reminder of the immortality of time: what we will never know and what we leave behind for others to reflect on.