PROGRAM: Immeublé Cite

SITE: Hellinikon International Airport

CONTEXT: Hellinikon, Athens, Greece


Utilizing built form as a strategic carrier of culture in opposition of the status quo, the project links the disconnected suburban mountain communities to the east with the sea to the west while simultaneously cutting the massive Hellinikon International Airport and Olympic Park into distinct zones.

SITE: The largest, publicly owned, urban, coastal, open area in Attica. A void in the polykatoikia landscape.

MOMENT: The transition between the intensity of the sprawling city and the expansive isolation of the runways.

This new linear centrality capitalizes on the tension between the voided landscape of the airstrip and the dense energetic randomness of the surrounding sprawl.

SCALE: A surreal monumental linear zone.

STRATEGY: Define an edge made of processional moments. Connect the mountains and the sea across the airport.

A pair of linear buildings that establish a thickened zone as a continuous path and sequence between sprawl and nothingness.

The wall-like quality of the zone forces an urban transition that must be experienced, observed, and reacted against. The building is a force that operates as a strategic infrastructure.

The long and wall-like nature of the architecture evokes imagery of the ‘Long Walls’ of Ancient Greece that connected Athens to the port city of Piraeus, while simultaneously presenting itself as a modern day stoa and processional urban experience not unlike the Acropolis or the ancient city of Delphi.

(1) Airport zones (2) Forgotten and hopeful connections across the abandoned airport (3) Two landscapes (4) Proposal

LINEAR ATHENIAN PRECEDENTS: Ancient long walls connecting Athens to Piraeus (Scale of the City) and Stoa of Eumenes (Scale of the Program)

A continued testing of linear housing as strategic urban infrastructure. Here, paired and differentiated form, use, and type.

The parts and the overall strategic form collectively constitute a city that fearlessly and optimistically reintroduces an architecture that can generally be a more important and vital force in our lives while countering any preconceptions we may hold of what a city may be.

(1) Found adjacencies (2) Housing villas in new grid (3) Airport flows (4) Split into a pair (5) Addon public programs (6) Shuttle stations (7) Developer amenities

As a pair of long buildings, program and density fluctuates across both lines and between levels. The lack of repetitive floor plates results in a diverse range of discovered spaces and relations.

A zone of conversation over the interstitial park. The public shuttle splits the center and reaches across to connect the housing communities and amenities as one linear city.

Clear intentions and means of operation make the monumentality of the architecture an accepted and proactive participant in the city. The scale, relations, and intrinsic urban functions of the building and park system establish a new center within Athens.

Architectural Review

Global Architecture Graduate Award (GAGA) 2014 Co-Recipient

Yale School of Architecture

H.I. Feldman Prize 2014 Winner