PROGRAM: Modular Flats

SITE: Entered from below. Walls on all sides.

CONTEXT: 16' x 16' undisclosed location

The challenge of creating a pair of studio apartments that can fill a lifted 16'x16' void necessitates the creation of a quick, mobile, and opportunistic building system that can react to the found conditions of the site. Access to the site is limited and the ground must be free.

The construction method is imagined as a series of prefabricated rigid frames and solids. The frames are tilted up and the force of the solids locks them in designed positions.

Within the limited space, a flexible system of planes, flip-down systems, stairs, and rigid connections is developed.

Two studio units within this confined space must find ways to bypass each other and share common amenities. The units generally spiral around each other in a manner that provides them each with a central space, rest space, and terrace.

SEQUENCE: (1) Tilt-up frames lifted from under the void; (2) Insert living module to lock frames; (3) Wrap and close with storage structure; (4) Fill central core for final structural lock of the parts

PARTS: (1) Static frame/dynamic form (2) Sliding module (3) Adjustable expressed storage (4) Compartment core

Flat packed storage systems wrap the exteriors of the two units. The shelving is another method of stabilizing the tilt-up frames.

(LEFT): Two multifunction live/flex spaces per unit

(MIDDLE): The identity of each unit is exposed by shelving systems

(RIGHT): Wrapped circulation is shared and separates privately

ALL-IN-ONE MODULE: Rest/Exercise/Free space/Work/Entertain

(LEFT) INTERACTION: Shared bathroom and cross views

(MIDDLE) SWAPPED UNITS: Each unit jumps over the other

(RIGHT) SIDED CORE: Independent kitchens and shared bathroom

(0) Forest of columns; (1) Shared circulation path; (2) Each unit is aware of the other through geometry and shared surfaces; (3) Shared bathroom; separate roof terraces

SECTION: Sky-lit stairs, shared service wall, sliding module, additive storage, filtering surfaces above living module, fold-down table